DroFarm D10 Plus is an agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle designed to increase productivity and profitability in the agricultural sector. This drone has precise positioning system with RTK, autonomous mission and easy transport with its foldable structure and safe flight features thanks to its high-sensitivity radar. DroFarm D10 Plus enables digital farming applications with its smart farming platform. In this way, agricultural producers can achieve significant improvements in many areas from site selection to productivity. DroFarm D10 Plus is an important tool to increase the productivity and profitability of the agricultural sector.

  • Precise Flight Capability with RTK Ground Station

    Precise Flight Capability with RTK Ground Station

  • Image Stabilizer Feature

    Image Stabilizer Feature

  • Lithium Polymer Battery

    Lithium Polymer Battery

  • Control Range up to 15 KM

    Control Range up to 15 KM

  • Optimized Mechanical Structure

    Optimized Mechanical Structure

  • Fully Autonomous Terrain Spray Mode

    Fully Autonomous Terrain Spray Mode


-Spraying Performance Up To 60 Acres An Hour

-Carbon Fiber Frame, Arm and Landing Gear

-Aluminum Motor Mounts

-Easy-to-Use Arm Folding Mechanism

-High Strength ABS Top Cover Protecting Avionics

-Fully Autonomous Field Spraying Mode

-Auto Return When Battery Ended / Pesticide Ended

-Fixed Landing Gear

-Lithium Polymer Battery

-Up to 15 km Controller Distance

Advanced Industrial Flight Controller

Equipped with an industrial flight controller, the D10 Plus has a high level of reliability. Its algorithm is optimized for agricultural uses and provides stable flight even in turbulent liquids in the tank. Additionally, the redundant design of the autopilot includes dual compasses. If a sensor fails, the system automatically switches to the other sensor and continues flying safely.

Sensor Technology

There is a terrain tracking sensor on the bottom of the D10 Plus and a sensor on the front that can detect obstacles. The sensor detects the terrain, allowing the D10 Plus to approach the required height. The D10 Plus detects terrain change while the sensor is scanning. It can keep its altitude constant at the desired distance according to the crop length. In addition, the front sensor detects missed obstacles in the flight plan, preventing you from having an accident.

High precision RTK System

High precision RTK System, providing centimeter accuracy; It provides ideal spraying that is precisely targeted. It also supports precise terrain mapping and enhanced flight reliability.

Spray System

For the precision of the D10 Plus spray system, it is equipped with a flow sensor that can detect flow and medication status. For more optimized spraying of the land, the spray intensity can be adjusted even when turning, providing more land spraying with the ideal amount of spraying.

Battery Charging Center

A specially designed Charging Station can charge two batteries simultaneously. With the fast charging feature, you can continue your spraying without interruption. Provides longer battery life by balancing the voltage of each cell of the battery during charging.

Optimized Mechanical Structure

The D10 Plus is designed with foldable arms and propellers to take up less space. Reinforced with liquid-tight seals to protect the electronics inside*. D10 Plus is very easy to clean after spraying.

* Liquid sealing is for precautionary purposes. No warranty.

Professional Remote Control

The D10 Plus controller has a bright 5.5 inch/1080p display that can be seen even under strong sunlight. With a built-in operation planning system, users can use the controller to improve working efficiency. The remote's battery supports up to 3.5 hours of operation, allowing it to work for a long time.

Intelligent Flight Battery

The D10 Plus uses a smart battery with a capacity of 16000mAh. It can stay in the air for 22 minutes* without load. A high-strength protective coating is applied to the outside of the battery. In addition, the cables are protected with a special structure for safety and longevity. In addition, the smart battery extends its life by providing more stable voltage. With the advanced technology of the battery, it protects itself in temperature changes. Thus, the life of your battery will be longer.

*The time obtained at sea level when wind speeds are less than 3m/s.

Model DroFarm D10 Plus
Dimension 1992mm x 1802mm x 670mm
Folded Dimensions 945mm x 848mm x 600mm
Battery 12S – 16000mAh
Battery Capacity 16000mAh
Battery Voltage 44.4V – 50,4V
Battery Type Lityum Polimer
Power 714,4 Wh
Battery Operation Temperature 0 °C - 50 °C
Battery Storage Temperature less than 3 months : 20°C-35°C longer than 3 months : 22°C-28°C
Charging Temperature 5 °C - 35 °C
Weight 16kg
Maximum Take-off Weight 27kg
Payload 11L/11Kg
Maximum Climb Speed 5m/h
Maximum Descent Speed 3m/h
Maximum Cruise Speed 10m/h
Maximum Flight Level 400m (Limited by Software)
Maximum Wind Resistance 30-35km/h
Maximum Flight Time 12-13min. (Full Load)
Operation Temperature 0 °C - 50 °C
Controller Frequency 2,4 GHz
Maximum Control Range 15km