In the KONYA region, various studies are carried out in order to increase the yield and quality of grain in agricultural production and to reduce costs. Among these studies, production is carried out using Agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). In this way, while the production costs are reduced, a yield loss of 3 percent per decare can be prevented.

Impact of Drone Technology on Agricultural Productivity

In Turkey, various studies are carried out in order to increase the yield and quality in agriculture and to reduce costs. Agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) are used in the spraying of cultivated products in Konya region, which covers 67 percent of the area used as an agricultural area and meets about 10 percent of Turkey's agricultural production. Thanks to these drones, farmers prevent the loss of yield that may occur when spraying with tractors. Since drones are powered by electricity, low cost and time savings can be achieved. Drones can spray up to 60 decares per hour, and some can spray 240 decares per hour. Farmers state that these drones increase productivity.

Emphasizing that agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles can be used in different areas in agricultural production, agricultural engineers said that these vehicles can carry out operations such as spraying, plant feeding, and solid fertilizer applications. They stated that these vehicles are very useful especially for fertilizing muddy and inaccessible lands by tractor. As a result of the trials carried out last year, approximately 70,000 decares of land were sprayed and 99 percent of the farmers were satisfied. Because they can spray on time and in the areas they want.

Chairman of the Konya Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, Burak Kırkgöz, said, "Currently, it will reduce the consumption of diesel used in spraying due to the increase in energy costs. Secondly, the use of pesticides in spraying with drones will decrease a little more. Of course, the prices of pesticides and seeds have also increased. We think that it will contribute greatly in this direction," he said.